Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada - Read Testimonial

"Since its inception, the GCFF has been committed to connecting the Asian and North American financial markets, providing unique networking opportunities for  investors, public companies and financial institutions interested in exploring promising business opportunities in the financial services sector."

Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario - Read Testimonial

"For the last five years, the GCFF has been at the forefront of providing networking oprotunities between business leaders in Asia and North America."

"Private and public companies, financial institutions, Investors and government agencies and regulators form North America and Asia will converge on Toronto to take advantage of invaluable learning opportunities and develop lasting working relationships. The GCFF is an opportunity to network, showcase companies to investors and plan for the future."

Hon Bryon Wilfert, PC., MP. Richmond Hill - Read Testimonial

"Your association’s leadership in the promotion of investments and trade, benefits both the economy and the people of country. I know that with the same level of commitment and dedication, your association will continue to foster and strengthen the connections between Canadian and Asia commerce and industry while stimulating the business growth in the Greater Toronto Area."

Greg McKenzie, Managing Director, Haywood Securities - Read Testimonial

Today at the forum (GCFF), we were able to meet a number of very interested investors that are looking at mining projects around the world and Canada. We were able to make a connection with them and discuss opportunities. This is my second year attending the Forum (GCFF).

Gerry Brockelsby, Chief Executive Officer& Chief Investment Officer, Marquest Asset Management - Read Testimonial

Through GCFF conference we meet with several different companies and also gain valuable insight into how the Chinese economy is doing. This of course is directly related to Canada as a strongly resource based economy. I’ll note also that the quality of companies, and the quality of attendees gets better every year

Michael Melanson, Partner, Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP - Read Testimonial

I've been to the GCFF conference now for a number of years, both in Canada and China. I think the quality of speakers is always excellent. It also provides a great opportunity to network between people from North America and China.

Wei Shao, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP - Read Testimonial

“GCFF has grown to become a real cross-border and cross-cultural business platform. It has generated and continues to generate great ideas, plans, deals and friendships. Proud to be involved from the start”

Richard Ho, Analyst, TMX Group - Read Testimonial

“ [GCFF] has bought our company lots of interest from Asian investors and has allowed an increased exposure to this targeted market segment. Can't wait to participate in the upcoming GCFF.”

E3m Investments Inc. - Read Testimonial

"I am pleasantly surprised by the general level of sophistication of the attendees, given it is free admission. This is a sign that the organizers have done an excellent job in marketing in GCFF. Congratulations!"

Ontario Securities Commission - Read Testimonial

"This is our second year participating in the GCFF and I was very pleased the show. I noticed  an increased of investor / people walking around the exhibitor’s area a huge difference form last year’s event which was held in Toronto. I was very pleased with the location, hotel, and free parking.  Holding the conference in Markham attracts a lot of visitors and high traffic volume. Very worthwhile day and people are very interested on our materials."

Stephen Lynch, PhD, Associate Dean Academic (Interim) College of Management and Economics University of Guelph - Read Testimonial

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to attend this conference. I was fortunate to invite three University Guelph business students to attend also. Each found the experience valuable and an excellent opportunity to participate and learn. This is a learning opportunity that we cannot create without the vision and commitment you and your team provided. My sincerest thanks.”

Greg Johnson, President & CEO, South American Silver Corp - Read Testimonial

"We think that the conferences being put together here are a great opportunity for investors and industrial partners to be introduced to quality companies that have early-stage projects and provide the opportunity to bring both the company and the investor together."

Victor Tong, Chief Financial Officer, CK Life Sciences (North America) Inc. - Read Testimonial

“I enjoyed my experience as a panel speaker at your Toronto conference and my congratulations again for a very successfully event.”

James Zuo, IR, Pele Mountain Resources Inc. - Read Testimonial

“A well-coordinated event with high quality attendees with serious intentions to make deals; a dozen solid business
contacts were made during the event while general interest was overwhelming.”

Nicole Sanches, Yukon Nevada Gold - Read Testimonial

“The Global Chinese Financial Forum always has great attendance with prospective investors seeking new investment ideas.”

Thomas Braun, CEO, T-Ray Science Inc. - Read Testimonial

“The event was very well attended, and the presentation room was full. … Overall, I was very pleased with the level of professionalism on the part of the conference organizers.”