About Global Chinese Financial Forum


Organized by ChineseWorldNet.com Inc., Global Chinese Financial Forum (GCFF) is the most prominent series of bi-lingual financial functions in both North America and China. Established in 2000, GCFF continues to abide by its unchanging mandate - to provide a world class platform connecting both the Asian and North American financial markets..


GCFF History


With an extensive network reaching both North America and China combined with expertise in the global capital market, GCFF's conferencing platform is supported by a strong foundation of financial resources. Through these resources, GCFF is able to provide the leading financial events that facilitate business growth and networks between financial institutions, public companies, private companies, and investors. To take it one step further, GCFF has dedicated its wide-reaching network to helping groups from both North America and China through its extremely well received road shows.

Over 35 GCFF conferences have been held in 4 locations worldwide: Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco and China, focusing on regionally specific topics, servicing